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Docker [DSM 5.2-5565]


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I have installed Docker in DSM 5.2-5565, and search in register for eg. "Emby" or "transmission", it find something I select one of them and download.


In system event log it says "Docker image: registry.hub.docker.com/albertdixon/transmission download has been completed."


But there are no images, and when it start to download it says o kb and then short after it popup "It is downloaded now"??


Any idea how to get docker to work? I currently run the NAS in a VM in virtualbox.



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I also had a problem where images wouldn't download properly. Under VMWare in my case. There is a thread on the Synology forum about the problem.

I updated to 5565.1 and then 5565.2 and on one of those steps the problem went away.

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