5.2 halts after install

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I have been trying to install 5.2 - first via upgrade, then via fresh install - onto my Asrock Rack C2550D4I board (Avoton). http://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=C2550D4I#Specifications


I am trying to install following the guides from xpenology.nl guides (http://www.xpenology.nl/how-to-install-dsm-5-2/). But every time I get through the install, its like the OS just halts when its rebooting into the xpenology installation for the first time.


There is no errors or any possibility to do anything. Only solution is to do a reset and it just does the same again.



curser in the end isnt blinking, its just steady.


Has anyone experienced this?


I have been running 5.0 on this hardware without any issues before..

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I recently discovered that - for unknown reasons - the system hangs after the boot process finished when a keyboard was attached to one of the USB ports.


This occurred on three different mainboards with three different keyboards (DELL & Cherry).


When I detached the keyboard everything worked fine :shock::???::???:

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Okay, so a Little update. Think im switching back to 5.0 .. :sad:


It seems like every time I try and create my raid og 5x 2TB discs. At some point during the build process it'll dump the discs and the disc Group crashes.. :sad:


Cant seem to find any log info or simular.

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Which is why I have decided to stay on dsm 5. Everything works. Granted we don't get the latest updates but im ok with that.


You could also try one of the other Sata controllers on board by using a different set of Sata ports. Each four from what I can remember have a different controller

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