SSD Cache using virtual SSD under ESXi 6.7

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Based on an article I found on google under "Emulate HDD as SSD flash disk on Esxi and VMware workstation"

Thanks to virtual geek.



Howto implement:

·         Stop the Xpenology VM

·         Add an SCSI Controller VMware paravirtual as additional device

·         Add 2 identical sized virtual disks and check that they are connected to the scsi controller



·         Edit the xpenology.vmx (or whatever your vm is called)  file using putty and add the following for the disks

scsi0:0.virtualSSD = "1"

scsi0:1.virtualSSD = "1"

·         startup the vm


disks are visible as SSDs in storage manager

·         Add write cache under SSD Cache

·         That’s it.


Currently running on version 6.2.3-25426 update 3 on backup environment.



xpenology ssd cache howto.pdf

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I failed, adding SCSI controller VMware paravirtual did not recognize the new hard disk.

How does your grub.cfg content configure the controller?

jun' loader 1.03b ?

I'm the virtual ds3617xs DSM 6.2.3-25426 up3


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