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Upgrade from DSM 5.0-4528 to 5.2 on Microserver + ESXi


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need some advice please.


Currently running DSM 5.0-4528 on Microserver N54L with ESXi 5.1 U2

The N54L has a P410 array controller (+512M+BBWC), with 2 x RAID1 1 arrays. The XPEnology storage is on one of the RAID1 arrays mapped with RDM. ESXi is booting from a USB flash drive.


Just bought a Microserver Gen8 and am planning a major upgrade. The plan is:

1. Migrate everything "as is" to the Gen8 (i.e. P410 + HDD's + ESXi boot, etc)

once everything is working:

2. Replace the P410 with P222 array controller

once everything is working:

3. Upgrade DSM to 5.2-xxxx

...and once everything is working...

4. (maybe) upgrade ESXi to ver 6.0


If steps 1 and 2 go smoothly, how should I upgrade XPEnology to DSM 5.2-xxxx ?

Should I still use RDM?

Or should I install XPEnology from scratch and restore my data from backup?

If the recommendation is fresh install: is there a way to backup my DSM 5.0 settings, shares, permissions, Plex, etc, and restore into the new 5.2 installation?

(I dread the thought of configuring XPEnology from scratch...)


again, if the recommendation is for a fresh install: is there an updated step by step guide for DSM 5.2?

I used the guide here to do the 5.0 install: http://cyanlabs.net/Thread-Install-ESXi ... gy-on-ESXi


Will appreciate any advise.





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I am sure that the general advice is to backup data and also settings (from the DSM control panel) before you start. That won't, unfortunately, backup all the settings you might need.

I would continue with RDM.

I suspect most people have done 5.0 -> 5.1 -> 5.2 and that seems to have worked - with some issues for some configurations. I would have a read through the various 5.2 threads before I start.

There is a tutorial for 5.2 install here: http://www.xpenology.nl/how-to-install-dsm-5-2/ There are other useful tutorials on that site.


Finally as you are under ESXi, there's always the possibility to create a test system and try the upgrade on a VM before you start on the real thing.

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Thank you!


So I should upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 first, is this correct?

Is this a simple process? Isn't it a case of also changing from Nanoboot to XPEnoboot?

Can you recommend a step by step guide for upgrading from 5.0 to 5.1?

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I think you'll find that on xpenology.nl too.

Thanks again.

Performed all the upgrades on the weekend, had a hell of a hard time but all is done.

Running DSM 5.1 and will upgrade to 5.2 during the week.

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