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HP Z420 with C602 and Xeon E5-1620


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Hi everybody,


want to let you know that I've succesfully installed DSM 6.1.7 (Baremetal) with Loader 1.02b for DS3615xs and extra.lzma v4.8.


This Z420 has the boot block date 12/28/2011


It works great, and the best is all SATA AHCI as well as SCU ports. So in total there is now 10 SATA/SCU onboard ports available.


Will be upgraded with a x540-t2 soon.




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35 minutes ago, TNa681 said:

In case of going to 1.03b do I need to put in another extra.lzma as well?

depends on the nic but with that old hardware usually not (in most cases with HP a 1G broadcom), the default driver set of the loader should be enough

you can try with another usb and loader 1.03bwithout any risk for the installed system, just put on the loader and boot from it and see if the assistant finds it in nework, there will be no harm to the installed system by just booting the newer loader, if that works out you can edit usb vid/pid and migrate to 6.2.3 with it, the steps for editing the grub.cfg are the same


if you came from a older install y updating you might want to chack for this before migrating to 6.2.3



edit: 1.03 is a little picky, if its uefi then you need csm mode and need to boot from non uefi usb boot device


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