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synoinfo.conf issue



Happy new year everyone,


I have a z97 gaming 5 with 6 sata ports.

I test install 918+ with 6.2 and 916+ with 6.17, both version with correct drivers and loader from jun.

However both of two version seems not working with Dell Perc H310, because I can't see the esata pop up on the top right corner.

So I modify the synoinfo.conf in both of ect.default and ect to get the sata and esata in order to work.


z97 gaming 5 have 6 sata ports, Dell perc H310 have 8 ports. I know both 918 and 916 only support 12 disks, so I did modify like below, 

4 internal ports stay in sata,  2 internal ports and 6 ports from Dell Perc H310 as esata, 2 ports from H310 disable by default maxdrives limited.


esata : 111111110000  = 0xff0
insata: 000000001111   = 0xf


then reboot,


HOWEVER the synoinfo.conf in /etc.defaults roll back my edit to 

esataportcfg="0x0"        and        internalportcfg="0xff"


The synoinfo.conf in /etc still like the same as my edited

esataportcfg="0xff0"   and    internalportcfg="0xf"


And I can't see any esata drives pop up when i login to the system.


Before I was using 3617xs and 3615xs with 6.17 and 6.2, both works without any issue, thus i believe is not the H310 problems.




Any one can help me on this??



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