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external drives not sleeping


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check in the gui (hardware and power) that its activated for external drives

also check if there are any processes accessing the drive

synology has a faq article about that, its mainly about why internal drives may not go to sleep but that will apply to external too

you should check that for synology in general as its not specific to xpenology, it uses the same kernel and drivers but it could also be related to usb chipsets of boars or usb enclosures (the last one would apply to any synology system)


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Thanks for the reply


So the power/sleep option is active.


so far 1 out of my 3 external drives will go to sleep.


the one with plex media on it does not sleep even though there is nothing being accessed or processed by plex.


the third drive has nothing on it and refuses to sleep.


the drives that refuse to sleep are seagate drives and the one that does sleep is an iomega drive so do you think it might be the chipset as you suggested? is there anything that can be done about that?


not really sure what to do about the kernal thing you mentioned. im still really new to this.


thanks again

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