HP54L start from scratch

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Good afternoon, I year ago I lost one disk and then I add no time to restart. I managed to recover all my data from different backups I did from time to time.

In past I used exsxi and now I would like to start a new one without exsci to speed up my system and in New DSM we can run a Linux or windows VM if I well understood.

so could you tell me which Tuto I should follow as I have to say that I am considering as a beginner !

thanks for your help

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NAS performance is not significantly affected for baremetal versus virtualized.  You should determine your installation platform for other factors that are important to you.



When you have figured out how and what to install, use one of these links to guide you:



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Unfortunately, you will not be able to run the Virtual Machine Manager on the AMD processor on the N54L. This means that if you want to run multiple operating systems on the box, then it is probably best to carry on with ESXi. There is a thread on here about running virtualbox under DSM but I can't say whether that is a viable option.

I started running my box under ESXi and went bare metal when DSM was the only thing left on the box. I didn't notice any significant speed difference.


The latest version that the N54L will run is 6.2.3 with the 1.03b DS3617xs loader and that works for both bare metal and virtualised. You must turn off C1E in the BIOS.


If you are going bare metal and disk hibernation is important then maybe start with 6.1.7 and 1.02b. Bear in mind that if you go this route and you install a package that touches the disk regularly (as I have) then the disks won't hibernate anyway.


Ignore all discussion about the releases in between 6.1.7 and 6.2.3.




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13 hours ago, billat29 said:

The latest version that the N54L will run is 6.2.3 with the 1.03b DS3617xs loader and that works for both bare metal and virtualised. You must turn off C1E in the BIOS.

Good morning  @billat29, could you precise the meaning of latest 6.2.3 ? Does it mean that no more new version of DSM will be able to run on N54L ? Or does it mean that today this is the only version available ?


Then previously If I well remember ESXi is not working after version 6 ? Where I can check this ? Then When I tried to load the free ESXi license I did not managed to get it ! Could you tell me how to get it ? Do you have a link or a tuto ?

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6.2.3 is the latest release of DSM that is generally available for Synology devices. There is a version 7 in beta and expected to be released soon.


6.2.3 works on N54L. V7 does not currently work on any xpenology device as a new loader will need to be developed and we have no idea whether this will happen. We also do not know if a possible future loader for V7 would work on N54L.


I would expect that, after the general release of V7, Synology would maintain V6 for a time (just like they did for V5 when V6 came out) and these versions would probably (not definitely) be made to work on N54L.


I can't be of much help with ESXi. There are threads on here which are home to the people who are running it. You can also look through the 6.2.3 update thread to see if you come across anyone reporting installation on Gen7 under ESXi.

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