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Migrate from 3615 to 918+ possible?


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Hi, long time want to ask this but never was able to join the Forum.

And before sorry for my english not native

My actual J3455 build with 1.02b - 6.1.7 - 3615xs slowly starts to struggle under the load.

Ts3, Plex, Pi-hole, JD2, Unifi Controller, VPN, 2 Game Server.


I came to the conclusion to upgrade, will use my old laying around rig for the NAS, 7700K (limited the CPU to 50W long duration) cheap Mellanox X2, 16GB Ram.

I temporary set up a Baremetal 1.04b with 6.2.3 and 918+, all works fine 10Gb, trancode all good to go.


So my actual question is can i just move all Hdds to the new machine select migrate in the boot menu and it should work or will i loose everything?

Any incompatibilities if not my next question do i have to use the same sata ports for each specific drive like before?

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Good job on testing in advance. Even better if you make a backup of your data before proceeding with a migration.


That said, you should be able to migrate install without issue. Be sure to use a freshly prepared 1.04b loader configured just like your test.

It is best to use the same SATA ports, but if your array is healthy, DSM will still work if they are reordered.

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Migration install keeps everything.  But it would not hurt to also have a backup from Control Panel (css file) just in case it all goes sideways. Docker and Plex are pretty easy to restore if necessary.  If you are not using Plex in Docker I strongly suggest you switch over from the SPK.

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1 hour ago, Aldidas said:

Puh.. good to know, if you havn't mentioned it i would have used the test stick as it is.

the original dsm kernel files on the loader (the parts that get updated) are 6.2.0 if you installed 6.2.3 u3 you will have these files on the loader

no problem if you want to install 6.2.3, as long as you dont want to install a earlier version you could install with this

its also no problem to bring the loader to the dsm version you need (as long as its 6.2.x)

just replace rd.gz and zImage with the files stored in the dsm *.pat file you want to install (*.pat can be opened with 7zip)

1.04b as it comes has the kernel files the first 6.2 aka 6.2(.0)

there is one specialty in the 6.2 line 6.2.0 and 6.2.3 are driver compatible and 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 are, the "driver" means the extra.lzma where additional drivers are stored

you could "downgrade" you already 6.2.3 updated usb by just replacing rd.gz and zImage from jun's original *.img file (that can be opened with 7zip to extract the files), but you dont have to because when installing 6.2.3 the newer kernel files will be there anyway after installing




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Happy New Year.

Just want to report back that everything has worked perfectly fine.

I renewed the Usb Stick like flyride told, moved all Drives and added some new, booted with the fresh Stick, installed new DSM version.

Little nervous while the Webservice told me i can't login because "System is getting ready" but it rebooted again and i was able to log in.

ig88 I am not really sure what you wrote about rd.gz but thank you also.


Runs like a beast, just happy.

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