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Video station: Strange behavior with "disappearing" tv episodes.


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Hi all


I am seeing some strange behavior from Video station recently, and wanted to see if anyone had encountered the same issues.


Normally once Video station has indexed a tv show you will see similiar to this, with the seasons being in order and each episode shown under the season:




But for some (only some) of my tv shows, Video station has begun not showing each episode seperately, but seems to bunch them up, its hard to explain so ill try and show with screenshots:




At first glance everything looks okay, with 1 season and 2 episodes, but alas its not... This is a screenshot from the actual folder it resides in:




So many more files that what appears to be shown in Video Station.. at first i thought they had disappeared in video station but after some digging it seems that video station is "bunching" it up... If i right click the episode 2 and select "show media information:





I get this where i can see it seems to have bunched up the files (Notice the arrows, clicking these will show each and every episode in the actual file folder)





Has anyone seen this behavior before? Or know how to fix it? As these episodes are "hidden" they of course cant be viewed.


The same behavior is not seen in Plex, Serviio or Emby.


I have tried to delete and install video station numerous times, tried manually deleting its database, even tried reinstalling the NAS but with no result.


I apologize for the screenshots being in danish, but it should have no practical implications in this matter :)




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