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Cannot Connect to QuickConnect


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On 12/12/2017 at 11:34 AM, Polanskiman said:

3 - What about using Synology QuickConnect and other Synology based services?

QuickConnect and services that use Synology servers require genuine Synology serial numbers and MAC addresses. Mis use of Synology services is discouraged by the XPE community.


It seems that you didn’t read either the FAQ nor the forum rules. 

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Hi Guys @Rhandyx& @jensmander, Happy new yaer!


how did you mange to work things out... i am trying the same thing so please advise. I don't have VPN installed. So it would be helpful if one of you could advise step by step i.e. share your configuration.


I am using Synology-DS3617XS on Proxmox 6.3.2 as VM , can't afford the device at the momnet. So it would be good to make use of beasty 2u server with 16gb and 2 cpu i have with 750HDD and 4tb dedicated to Synology.


so, please advise how to configure.

awaiting your reply.

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