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Help me with a new bare metal build (CPU)


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Hi all


have been running DSM 6.2 in a virtual machine from my main i7 work station but want to move onto a baremetal system and add some decent storage to it as at the moment im sharing usb attached storage which i would otherwise need attached to my rig directly.


I've been looking at refurbished machines from auction sites and am not really sure i should be going for.


I dont want to spend a great deal but am in no rush to buid this system so i was wondering what i should be going for as a minimum spec and how much more performance i will get with beefier processors?


are xeon processors the way to go or am i better off with an i3/i5 setup?


is it crazy to consider a core2duo setup?


also will an ssd as the main os drive make much difference or will a high capacity hd be ok for DSM OS?


Hope that all made sense.

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Xeon/i3/i5 doesn't matter.  Haswell microarchitecture and newer increases your platform options.  Core2Duo can be made to work but is very old.


The Synology platforms that XPEnology currently leverages are from 2015 (Bromolow), 2017 (Broadwell) and 2018 (Apollo Lake).  For baremetal, the best results when you can find hardware similar to those platforms.  AHCI-compliant SATA ports connected directly to a chipset have the best results, as does Intel native NIC.  But most standard hardware can be made to work.


Here are a few different links that should help you understand what is and is not working well:







By the way, all these resources are prominently featured in the forums, and are linked from the installation guides


Regarding your SSD, if you read up at all on DSM there is no main OS drive.  DSM is installed to all the drives.

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Many thanks for the detailed post.


with the links provided i have got my man mini 4,2 to boot with the correct bootloader and pat file.


not sure if i was meant to partition the disk before making a volume in dsm... i guess ill find out once i restart the disk station


thanks again for your help

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Synology partitions the disk for you.  Once a disk is added to a storage pool (a.k.a Initialized) it's been partitioned by DSM in a standard way and DSM system copied to the disk.  It creates three partitions - OS, swap and data.  The data partition participates in the array type defined by the storage pool.


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