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WOL doesnt work on 918+, DSM 6.2.3 u2 (i3 4th gen, June's loader)



Ive the below Config - 

i3 4th Gen, 32gb DDr 3, Biostar B85s3+ with 6 sata, 5 occupied.


DSM 6.2.3 update 2, 918+ , Jun's loader.


no matter what i do, WOL doesnt work.

1) S3 enabled in bios ( bios supports WOL) 

2) wol enabled in within DSM

3) config files does reflect the setting 'g' and wol is enabled here  (confirming)

4) have not changed the mac address or serial number ( generic serial by the loader and original mac of the on board ethernet port)

5) Lan link doesnt blink when the synology is powered off ( both from within OS or by using the power button ( plugin)

6) tried adding the script S99ZZZ_Shutdown.sh

Can someone help me with this ? is it because the serial number/Mac address is not that of a Diskstation's ?

(i tried  enabling the power setting - power off on 10 mins of inactivity, this doesnt work either)

have done much of googling including several posts here , but couldnt find anything relevant yet. 

thanks in advance


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