HP N40L DSM 6.2.3-24526 / 1.0.3b loader not starting anymore after shutdown/restart

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Goodevening, i'm in trouble... after a shutdown made today with "power button" app i no longer see my HP N40L nas on the network. It worked so far ( and for the last 2 years).

If i connect a monitor to the nas vga connector i see that it hangs on the screenshot attached and i don't hear the normal Hard-disk rumors of the normal boot.

The two leds (the orange and green one) of lan connector on port 1 of the HP NC360T Dual NIC are on.

I have tried to make a simple ping from my PC to the correct IP but it doens't work.


Thank you for your feedback





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Hi, have you sorted this out yet?

Did you use a static IP configured on your NAS, or did you use DHCP?

If DHCP, check your DHCP server and it's log, to make sure you are looking for the correct IP.

Did you try to find it using the Synology Assistent?

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Hi guys thank you for your feedback.

I have resolved. I had a problem with the DHCP ( I use a raspberry pi with Pi-hole that acts as a DHCP Server).

After set it correctly it worked just fine.

Thank you 

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