Access over Internet to DS Photos on Xpenology installed on virtualbox...

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i am new on this, i just installed xpenology on oracle virtualbox, everything is working normal on lan, DS photo services are working on our family phones...i was wondering, is there possibility to activate the service over internet? i have tried port-forwarding using ddns service but no luck...


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Using only DDNS is not enough and won’t work. To use this feature you‘ll have to run the router configuration in DSM. If this succeeds DSM can open ports and register DDNS. If you really want to expose your box to the internet there are some things to be considered:


- hardening your NAS by enabling the firewall in DSM, DoS protection, account blocking and 2FA for admin accounts

- a certificate from Let‘s Encrypt for SSL secured transfers


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On 12/19/2020 at 11:54 PM, jensmander said:

If you really want to expose your box to the internet

I realize it's several months later. Doesn't basically everyone do that who runs Plex or turns on some smarthome feature that's not 7th degree IT person? I've been running Plex on a NUC for years and I'm sure I wouldn't know how to do stuff on your list without googling.

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