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So to all intents my Xpenology box was running fine, but this morning I couldn't get any mobile apps to connect to one of the user accounts, it kept saying session timed out, login.

Using my admin account worked fine, and so I logged in and did a restart on the box.

Now starting up I can hear the drives absolutely thrashing and the system hasn't appeared back on the network.

I must admit, I've panicked somewhat since I don't know what is going on on the disks I'm loath to just "leave it".

I'm running SHR, is there some way I can check the disks outside of Synology to make sure nothing untoward is going on?



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Are the disks going wild immediately after power on or when DSM starts? When disks go crazy after power on chances are high that one or more drives are faulty. Maybe you can narrow down which disk is doing excessive operations by pulling the s-ata power cable out of it. 


Did DSM indicate anything in the logs before you powered it down? Raid error or anything like that? 


Here‘s an official how-to about mounting SHR in Ubuntu:

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Thanks for the reply, no nothing in the logs.

It's not immediately after boot, it's once the local screen says that the kernel is booting, then everything goes nuts.

I've managed to mount the volume under systemrescuecd (using the same instructions) and copying files off via ethernet. Slow going but seems ok 🤞🏻

Once it's done my main files I'll try booting it again...

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It seems maybe it was doing days scrubbing on the volume; just happens it decided to do it at boot and made the poor N54L so busy that the system didn't seem to come up. 😕


A good exercise in days recovery from the SHR volume though, so there's that at least 😄

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