I messed up the installation/upgrade on HP Gen8. It installed 6.2.3

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I followed the instructions on the site, but there was a slight variation which threw me off.
Just past the section where it asked if I wanted to migrate or reinstall the instructions implied that it would ask for a PAK file, where in fact it didn't and I started downloading the latest DMS, unfortunately I couldn't stop it.

I noticed where I went wrong and found the option to select file but now it says I install a version lower than what is on my system disk.

I can boot in to DMS and log in but most options remain blank and changing certain settings brings the error Please log on to DMS.


I am using the latest Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615xs and setup the serial, mac, pid and vid in the cfg as instructed.


Is there any way of going back or will I need to format the system drive?

I backed up the important stuff before attempting the install.

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After trying to reinstall and it saying I couldn't. I took out the drives and put in a spare drive.  I did an install from the internet and hoped I could put my drives back in and it would pick them up but it didn't.

I removed this new drive and put in the 2 original drive and did the install again, but I had to do the install with the latest version from the internet. I lost a few settings but the data is there and everything is working with the latest version.



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