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find.synology.com won't find xpenology on ESXi



Hello guys,


It's my first time trying to install XPenology on ESXi. My Problem is, that I can't find it over the Synology Assistant even it's starts perfectly. I assume, that it doesn't connent to the LAN because in the vSphere Client there isn't any IP shown. I've set the MAC-Adress in the grub.cfg on the Image-File to the same that the VM has. Also I can't see the virtual device on my router. I'm Running ESXi 7 and I followed this tutorial: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13061-tutorial-install-dsm-62-on-esxi-67/

If you need any more information PLEASE feel free to ask me, i really appreciate any help!

Thanks Guys!

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4 hours ago, xMugg said:

Ok Nevermind, I can find it now. But now I can't install DSM Properly, It's always asking to restore the settings, because the Drive has been moved to new hardware. Any Ideas what the problem is?

Oh yeah and even after I click on restore the same message will pop up again.

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