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DSM version recommendation for Plex only unit


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At this moment i'm planning to build an XPEnology system. Since im most likely not using 95% of all the possibilities of DSM, i was wondering witch version would fit best on my needs.

The system will not be connected to internet, its 100% internal usage. Security is no part of the story.



ASUS Z97M-PLUS mainbord

Core i5 4670K.

4 or 8GB (dual channel) ram.

1x Intel 320 SSD (for DSM, Plex)

4x Seagate 3TB 7200RPM SATA in RAID5 or SHR. (media content)

All SATA devices will be connected to the onboard intel chipset controller.


Purpose: full time, dedicated Plex Media Server, will trans-code most of the media.


Primary requirements:

Must run Plex Media Server, able to use all its CPU cores.

Highest possible overall stability for OS and Plex. (on the hardware provided)

Highest possible trans-coding performance.

Lowest possible power consumption, on a relative scale, because of the CPU. (but must include Intel Speedstep and HDD hibernations)


Secondary requirements:

Able to run SabNZB or NZBget.


Some say DSM 5.x is giving more performance, while others swear to 4.x because of the better stability.

Most stuffs i read on this are quite contradictory on each other.


Anyone could advise me ?

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If you only need Plex then why not use Ubuntu or Debian? I run Plex on 5.2 XPEnoboot inside ESXI. So far it being running smoothly. However, I only watch either on PC or TV, so there is probably not that much transcoding going on. Oh I did have to install SPK from official Plex website, the one from Synology repo is not working properly.

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Hello, i am running my plex server on DMS 5.2-5565


Bare metal setup


JETWAY|JNF9J-Q87 ITX R, I3-4130 3.6GHz, 16gig, 8*3T raid 5 =19 tera


on that i have 5 Roku connected 4 are lan connection and the last one it wan connect and no lag .


i have the latest version of plex, also have plex pass.


Everything running fine.



backup on other server is


bare metal setup

Gigabyte H97n-Wifi, I3-4130 3.6GHz, 16gig, 8*3T raid 5= 19Tera

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