DiskStation Manager 7.0 public beta

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The future for data management, hybrid-cloud, and more




Storage improvements

DSM 7.0 also brings serious optimizations to subsystems, resulting in:

  • Up to 80% faster RAID 6 performance
  • Up to 200% faster SSD cache write-back speeds
  • Smarter and faster RAID repair by repairing only used space
  • Increased performance with SSD caching with the option for metadata pinning
  • Support for up to 1 PB volumes for archival workloads
  • (Arriving later) Per-volume deduplication for significant storage efficiency gains
  • Fibre Channel Support & SAN Manager



DSM 7.0 will be available as a free update to compatible Synology devices. The public beta will be released , December 8, 2020, at  https://sy.to/dsm7beta.

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i have not tried 7.0 yet but just a warning based on the "DSM_Developer_Guide_7_0_Beta.pdf"



If your package is for DSM6 then you should have a DSM6 NAS.
If your package is for DSM7 then you should have a DSM7 NAS.
Package for DSM6 is not compatible with DSM7



beside the fact that 7.0 is not working with 1.03b/1.04b loaders and people doing that update on xpenology will end with a non bootable system needing to downgrade manually or reinstall 6.x from scratch

if anyone wants to peek then try it in VMM with virtual DSM


3 hours ago, advin said:

Increased performance with SSD caching with the option for metadata pinning

thats not even close to fast, if using the write log area for mdadm it is possible to just redo missing writes (usually not that many) and you are done, resyncing a raid that way takes seconds

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