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Currently on 5.2 latest but having issues. How to reinstall


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I actually reinstalled on accident losing my settings this way. (Prolly an easier way, but no one has answered)


I was on the latest 5.2 update 2 after doing the usual flash USB with new IMG and then use pat file with synotools from 5.1.5.

Didn't work well. Lost recent logs, and hibernation didn't work. Read that a 'fresh' install fixes things. Use at own risk.


1. Flashed USB with 5.1 IMG.

2. Rebooted and chose update at the bottom of the boot menu.

3. Synotools will tell you you have to reinstall when you choose to migrate/choose the old 5.1 pat, as the version installed is newer.

4. Pulled the USB and flashed the latest 5.2 , popped it in and chose the 5.2 pat file.

5. Wiped my settings with keeping my data.


Seems to be working well. I know there is a way to edit a file to trick DSM into thinking its older right away- dunno where that post is.


Good luck

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