Serial number in DSM does not match grub.cfg synoboot.img

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The serial number I see shown in "DSM control panel -> Infocenter" is different that the one in grub.conf on the synoboot.img bootdisk.

I believe it's the serial number I made up when I clean installed to test the new version.

However I have since changed the synoboot.img and there is a different serial number in the grub.cfg file.

But the serial number in DSM still is the old one.

How can I change the serial in DSM to be like the one that is now in synoboot.img?




I'm using Xpenology on ESXi 6.7.

I'm using DS3617XS with loader jun 1.03b.

I'm running DSM 6.2.3

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On 12/13/2020 at 10:56 PM, StanG said:

Is it possible to change the serial number in DSM?

Yes you can, this threat explains how you can do that. Had the same problem with 2 identical machines and the same mac address


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