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With further investigation, I found instability of my environment is not for NFS, but another hardware problem.

After separating external esxi's RDM disks using port multiplier & internal intel ICH disks to different disk groups makes my env stable.

Now, all NFS's file open problem went away.


"WARNING: NFS: ###: Got error 13 from mount call" log still generated every 1 minute, but it doesn't seems matter.

Does this exist in your vmkernel.log ? > all


I'll choose 5.2 with SSD cache, NFS datastore without VAAI.

Without VAAI, cloning is slow & can't use thick disk.

But using DSM VM inside single ESXi server, cloning network traffic is local and CPU overhead with VMXNet3 would be a little(?).

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I have tested all 5.2 versions thoroughly.NFS VAAI is broken in all 5.2 XPEnology releases. There is no issued on real Synology HW. I am now back on 5.1 5055 until someone fixes this. I do not want to use iSCSI as I get better throughput through NFS.

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Recently I migrated my system from DSM5.2 to DSM 6 with NewLoader and checked VAAI feature.


It works fine with NFS again.

I can use thick provisioning with NFS and offline cloning is also working.

There's no problem with SSD cache.


I'm very happy with DSM6 with NewLoader.



I didn't try to use btrfs yet for datastore, because I've heard btrfs has very bad performance as Virtual Machine's datastore...


ZFS, BTRFS, XFS, EXT4 and LVM with KVM – A Storage Performance Comparison (2015) | Hacker News


ZFS, BTRFS, XFS, EXT4 and LVM with KVM – a storage performance comparison ... print=true


I'm interested in Snapshot Replication, but it's very hard to convert big datastore & check performance for me

because of the lack of available hardware resources. ... ection_mgr


If someone tested performance of btrfs, please share the result on the forum :smile:

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