suggestions for units to have a loader for with 7.0

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the most problems we have with 6.2 loader are about max cpu threads and scsi/sas problems with 918+


still desirable are m.2 nvme and i915 driver (intel qsv)


as cpu/thread support is part of the kernel its the one thing we cant correct, max. cpu/thead is usually set within a architecture and the biggest unit in that defines the setting in the kernel (the Broadwell 3617xs we use comes in the kernel with 16 cpu/threads but the original unit only has only 8 but the biggest units are the RS4017xs+ and  FS3200 with 16), so at least one loader should support a unit with a high thread count


we would at least need a equivalent to the 3617 with as much cpu/thread support and scsi/sas support build in

the Purley based FS6400 with 32 thread seems to be a good choice here, i915 might be possible (4.4 kernel) to have added but nvidia driver seems to be kernel independent and possible too as alternative, but its meant to be as work horse so transcoding is not important


Denverton only has max 4 threads, so even with its build in nvidia drivers (dva units) , mpt3sas, mlx4/mlx5 it would be a terrible choice


alternatives to the FS6400 might be a 24 thread based Broadwellnk and Grantley unit?


as 2nd loader:

if it needs to be i915 driver as build in from synology then it seems geminilake (8 threads by now) is still the only choice but maybe its worth waiting for the next gen intel based systems from synology?

or if they com up with a amd based system?

maybe there is more in the pipeline even with amd gpu support?

might be better to see whats going on with next gen hardware

imho geminilake is outdated it will be replaced  in new x21 units


so any comments on this is more a theoretical discussion (as we don't know if there will be a loader for 7.0 and if the person/group doing it will consider the points here)


edit: maybe a loader for the DS1621+ with its AMD Ryzen V1500B might be interesting too as it would open the possibility's for amd bases hardware (like using vmm), its kernel config includes intel and amd so it might support both plaforms good enough and has 16 cores as 3617's config




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Did anybody get Ryzen APUs to work with Xpenology?

Synology seems to be willing to get more AMD cpus into its DSplus line.

I was considering the DS1621+ (has Ryzen Embedded V1500B) but it has no GPU (no hw acceleration for videostation), it would be awesome to put an Ryzen 4700GE (35W, 8C-16T with Radeon).

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On 12/17/2020 at 10:55 PM, icaroscherma said:

Did anybody get Ryzen APUs to work with Xpenology?

what does that has to to with a new loader for dsm 7.0?

maybe write a letter to synology if you wish to see more hardware from amd used, we more or less are bound to what the dsm kernel of the loader we have can do

we have not seen any news or development for a custom kernel after dsm 5.x where we would have control over features supported by the kernel

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1 hour ago, 3 84 said:

sorry i only do javascript and not c++ or whatever you use to make your boot loaders

you would need reverse engineering skills to to backtrack and circumvent the protections synology puts in place to make sure its only starting on a "original" hardware


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