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A lot of questions: - performance tuning....

Henry Chan


Hello all, 


Thanks for the forum and I was extremely happy with the xpenology project for the past 10 years.   
I am seeking expert for the following questions which you may able to assist with my next build...


Current own: (all NAS project)

  1. HP - N36L @ 4bay + 1 x 5.25 drive ( optional upgrade:  can be a blu-ray drive / can be a 5.25 device to hold 4 x 2.5" bay drive to increase storage size)
  2. i5-650 @ 8 x 3TB + 2 x SSD 250GB as cache; 3xNIC 1GB bonding;
    * currently MAIN NAS usage:
    - 1TB: Main Share: (LMS - a lot of photo/video <--> SYNC with my iphone / ipad)
    - 1TB: Home Folder: (Moment / Drive / in total for about 400K photos needed to consolidate into photo station - another long waiting task) ; one-way sync to OneDrive/GDrive....as another backup;  mobile devices backup - daily auto upload new captures photo/video;
    - 500GB: Video: (presentation videos)
    - 500GB: time-machine backup (may increase)
    - 300GB: Personal photos
  3. Ryzen 3600 | DDR4-32GB | B450M-gaming ac (plan to build the 3rd NAS to use this one as a SUPER FAST photo indexing machine)

In the past, I use my HP N36L @DSM6.2 @ 4 x 3TB to server as an internal network file/ photo /movie share in one NAS; accessing it by DS photo/moment but speed is too slow.  For time passes,  like everyone does, storage increased and I have consolidate everything into the second NAS (the above 2.) 

My goal wanted to achieve (entertainment part):-

Planing to do: Movies storage back into HP N36L - 1x3TB + 1x4TB + 1x8TB (I don't need raid)

Question A). [Movies share] plan be move back to my HP-n36L 
- to access the movie database: 

  • if I play directly from the video station/ plex server; can I take the benefit on the h.264 hardware encoding ? as the n36l I own an GT720 pci-e 
  • or when I access my movies; I shall use a WIN10 pc + VLC / pot player / VODI to access the movies DB as my PC is with an GTX1050Ti ?
  • will network speed affecting the playback quality ?


Question B). Another Share will be to store pure FLAC music and stream across different devices.  How to make "A ripping bluray / music" in one box to this task easier ?

Photo fast indexing NAS (working part):-
Planing to do:

A) plan to move MOMENTs/ Photo Station onto the new Ryzen 3600 itx,   but a lots of post to show the MOMENT software are build on INTEL CPU technology; so I was wondering should I make this move...? Plan to use this little beast to hold 8TB data + NVME m.2 as cache... will this accomplish my task ?

Thank you very much..


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