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Control Panel - Network Interfaces - Stuck on Loading


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Hey All,


I'm having a strange issue at the moment where my x64 install of xpenology is working fine however my Network Interfaces gui is blank and stuck on Loading.


I'm running 5565 Update 1


Is there anything I can do to bring it back???


I think it came around because I've installed a 2nd Network card in the device. Which went fine, the xpenology system saw the new Nic and added the devices. I tried to create a new bond0 and nothing happened. Upon reboot the blank gui started to appear.


I know if this was a proper synology system I could hit the reset button once and clear my nic settings / bonds etc, however I don't have a button being a custom build.


I do seem to have a large number of Ethernet interfaces in my CLI eth0 -> eth7 however only have my new Intel Dual Port card enabled.


Any help would be great thank you.





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Just an update:


Using the same process listed here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1086


I changed my version file to a downgraded version 5055

Rebooted using the 5565 USB Flash and selected Update / Install from the boot menu

Synology Assist found the device as Diskstation - Migratable

Successfully reinstalled 5565 over the top and this resolved my Network Interfaces issues

All Data on the disks is intact and OK

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