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Sata port mapping





I run the 1.03 loader with DS3617xs with dsm DSM 6.2.3-25426.


I passthrough my LSI9305 controller.

I've changed the maxdisk setting to 25 (24 of the controller and 1 of the vmdk for the loader)


Can I hide the loader from the disk management?

Also the loader disk is called disk 13.


Should I change the sata_args of the loader to:

SataPortMaps=1444444 instead of 1


Any help is appreciated!

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Ok I just moved the bootloader disk to start at 24 so that is fixed using the DiskIdxMap=19 sata_args in the grub.conf

But now I have something strange.

The LSI9305 is connected to my 4u hotswap drives.

So I 6 rows of 4 disk for a total of 24 hotswaps.


The first row and first disk is number 1 in xpenology.

The first row and the second disk is number 2 in xpenology

The first row and the third disk is number 4 in xpenology

The first row and the forth disk is number 3 in xpenology.


So the last 2 column are swapped and this on every row.


So I've tried to use sata_remap=2>3:3>2:6>7:7>6:10>11:11>10:14>15:15>14:18>19:19>18:22>23:23>22

but that did absolutely nothing. Maybe because the LSI9305 is sas based and not sata.


Any help is appreciated.

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beside the remap, the lsi mpt fusion drivers are know to change positions when a drive is not present, before you go to deep into the remapping you might check what happens when you remove a disk, reboot, add the disk and reboot, from my experience with this controller (used as sata device, not special sas mode of dsm that we cant use) the sdX assignment is not stable , it does work stable with sata ahci controllers like onboard, marvell, jmb, asm (thats handled by the kernels baked in ahci driver)

the mpt driver does not guarantee that assignment to "slots" in your way and in the end its not that much of a problem because mdadm finds its disk even when on a different position, checking the serial and knowing the position in the shelf is the way around it

the only way i know for stable slots in a housing is sata and even that can change when you add a controller and dsm does not take things like that into account as its not happening IRL because of the fixed hardware and no support to extend drivers by addind a controller, beside the external custom housings (with tweaked drivers and special firmware that is checked, also the reason why sata multiplexer don't work wit dsm)


1 hour ago, belrpr said:


the question here would also be when its applied, the sata/ahci is build into the kernel and the mpt sas driver is a module thats loaded (later?)

so it might only work on ahci drives and not with later added non ahci drives

that stuff is code from synology and there is no documentation or rules, they do it the way it suits there way (without of the approval of Linus ;-))

so if you really want to know you would need to check the kernel code (source of 6.2.2 is available)


in most cases the easy way is to use ahci instead, but that will be difficult with the max drive count of 24

(10 port is the biggest i know yet but its limited to two pcie 2.0 lanes, when it comes to a decent performance then 5 or 6 port per pcie cards are the thing atm, jmb585 and asm1166 supporting pcie 3.0)

but in case of a sas enclosure as you have i dont think thats a option


maybe search the forum for people with 16i/24i sas controllers or sas and high driver count and write the a PM to ask for experiences in that matter

its a very special problem that only very few will have and they might not read this thread


maybe its a solution to RDM every drive to the dsm vm and see if you will be able to handle that in a stable/predictable way (in that case esxi would need to monitor the drives)?


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