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XPEnoboot 5.2.5565.2 install/upgrade problem


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So, I've got a generic x86-64 build running as a DS3615xs. It was running fine as 5.1, I stupidly upgraded to 5.2 and now have many many issues that I seem unable to resolve no matter how many times I read the threads pertaining to the upgrade procedure. Can't use the storage manager, still get lots of "patch not found" errors on boot, etc.


I thought the simplest way "forward" would be to downgrade again, but I seem unable to. If I boot from my old XPEnoboot (5.1.5022.3) media, and choose to install/upgrade, I can happily boot into the wizard to perform a migration, but the procedcure fails with an error about needing to use version 5565 or later. I have already edited my /etc/VERSION using vi, it currently contains:




So I thought about trying to reinstall 5.2.5565 (and then reinstall update 1) by booting from my XPEnoboot 5.2.5565.2 media, but no matter how many times I try, selecting the "install/upgrade" mode from the bootmenu results in the machine booting normally, rather than in install mode!? :?::?::?:


Am I missing something obvious as to why I can't boot to install/upgrade mode with 5.2?


Am I missing something else (that's also obvious) about my inability to downgrade DSM?


Alternatively, am I missing something regarding fixing my storage manager / missing patch problems?


Many Thanks guys!

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