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I'm playing with some ideas of mass use of xpenology and I was wondering what scaling options are available.


Any of you had done a clustered xpenology/synology setup ? Is it even possible ?


Regarding density, you can get a cheap "ASRock FM2A88M-HD+ R2.0" with 8 SATA-III ports. Let's say that you can't afford fancy large HDD's and you end up with regular 500GB or 1TB WD Blue's.

In SHR you will get a bad capacity/price ratio because you work with small disks (i.e. 8x500G will give you 3.5T storage while a 3T hdd costs the same as 2x500G). User accounts are held in ActiveDirectory.


My question is , if you have two xpenology servers, how to you connect them and make them work as one ? How do you scale up from one server to a few more . keeping one single /homes/ folder (or something similar)

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I know that you can scale up storage by adding more controllers or port multipliers but this will add more overhead and load on the server.


Is there any way to mount a remote folder in /homes from DSM ? (I know I can hack and mount it a remote folder as NFS or iSCSI)


Did any of you tried this ?

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