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Synology to Xpenology migration: questions


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Im not that new here, since i read a lot of topics about xpenology etc. But i finally register! :grin:


I have myself a synology DS1513+ and a xpenology (running on ESXI).

The DS1513+ is running 5x3 TB WD AV-GP in RAID 5 and the ESXI is powered by an i7 2600 and is now hosting at the moment 3x1 TB WD Green and another 3TB WD Green.

Everything is running well, but i have some projects.. :smile:



I am planning on moving everything on the Xpenology since i have the room for all the drives in my xpenology.


I already know that it is possible to migrate between Synology and Xpenology since the DSM version are the same (actually they are).

But the thing is that i want to keep my Xpenology system drive on the SSD (where ESXI is installed and also its datastore).

Then i can make snapshots and backup of the system in case of crash.



Here are my questions (and they are a lot sorry):


What will happen if i just plug my drives from the 1513+ in xpenology then boot the xpenology?

Will it recognize the RAID 5 and just show the data partition?

Will my old Synology system will be seen?

Or maybe it will try to boot on the old Synology system? :mad:


How Synology manage the system partition in the RAID 5 array i have now (in the DS1513+)?



That's a lot of questions i know..



My main goal is to have a clean install with Xpenology system hosted on the SSD and only the datas on the RAID 5 array.



I hope it is not too much for a first post hahaha!



Thanks forward for the answers, and have a nice day!

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