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Old Xpenology 5.2 to Current DSM


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Good afternoon,


I'm a complete N00b so go easy on me, I've decided to boot my Xpenology up again from a couple of years back. It boots fine and I can see my drives etc, but how do I go about updating from 5.2-5967 Update 9 to the current DSM (or whichever is safe to upgrade to)?


I could possibly move all the files to my PC and do a clean install if this is the best option? The hardware is a HP Microserver Gen8 G1610T.


Thanks in advance 😁

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No problem.

I would recommend that before you start you should back everything up anyway.


Unfortunately, there isn't a "How to upgrade a Microserver Gen 8 to latest" step by step tutorial, but there is certainly enough information to get you going.

The method is:

1) Create a new USB with the loader that is appropriate for your hardware and the release you are going to,

2) A bit of housekeeping to delete a directory from your old xpenology system

3)Download the .pat file for your chosen release from the Synology download site to your PC

4) Boot the new USB. connect via find.synology.com or Synology assistant and choose manual install for the file you downloaded.


So. First of all, which release and which loader?

See here====>


The answer is 6.2.3 and loader 1.03b (either DS3617xs or DS3615xs) and ensure that your G8 is booting in CSM (legacy) mode

UNLESS disk hibernation is important in which case 6.1.7 and loader 1.02b.


The general method for the upgrade is here ===>



The method is good but you will need to apply it to your chosen release and loader.


Now. Before you boot the new loader to start the installation, you MUST do this ==>

Or your new system will come up and then all the network services will stop!


There are a number of fairly recent threads about updating G8 machines so they can be useful.

If you have questions or encounter problems, come back.


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I'm in a similar situation... my Gen8 system that is flawlessly running for a couple of years now is:





INTEL Core i3-4130




4096 MB



DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1


I've never updated this setup... now I'm wondering if I should, considering the golden rule: never touch a running system ;-)

What good would it bring to update ?


Many thanks for any input



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