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Updated to 5.2 5565 Update 1 and now can't access server


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I have a N54L and just went from 5.0 to 5.2 without issues. But then I updated to Update 1 and now I can't seem to access my server through SSH, WebUI, or SMB.


The VGA output shows:

:: Starting /usr/syno/bin/synocfgen...
/usr/syno/bin/synocfgen returns 0
Partition Version=0
Partition layout is not DiskStation style.
NOT EXECUTE /sbin/e2fschk.
Mounting /dev/md0 /tmpRoot
:: Checking upgrade file
Wait 2 seconds for synology manufactory device
Wed Jun  3 16:59:03 UTC 2015
linuxrc.syno executed successfully.
post init
=================== start udevd =======================
===== trigger device plug event =====
HP-N54L login:

(Typed that by hand so pardon any spelling issues.)

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i have same VGA output and same issue... no IP, tried setting statically per the CLI then using vi per the above post...

I still cannot access the DSM ... either via Synology Assistant or through web interface.


Even when I choose to boot in "Upgrade/Install" mode, it's still not found via Synology Assistant.

Some previous troubleshooting called for running a Clean Install? I'm not sure how i can even do that at this point.


I Love the xpenology project and have been using it on my N54L for the last couple of years successfully... 5.1 ran fine for example, it was just when I tried upgrading to 5.2.1 that everything seemed to go south.


Help me Please!

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Ok, so update...

After several reboots and attempts at different fixes, I was able to use the "ifconfig eth0 netmask up" command, along with setting the Version# back, along with Install/Upgrade boot... finally Synology Assistant sees the nas, and attempts to write 5.2.5665 to it... even so it Still doesn't come up with an IP by itself, so once again I manually set it using the ifconfig command... and Im now finally able to log into the DSM.


Now, Im looking at doing a Clean Install to fix this mess... I thought I read someone mentioning an ability to perform a clean install while maintaining the Data on the drives, but I can't find that information now. I'm cleaning out my data to prepare for a full backup if Im told that a clean backup is Going to be destructive.... but let me know if Im wrong.


Thanks for the help and suggestions ya'll

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