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Can't Log Into DSM...Ideas?


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Hey guys, first post.... I can't seem to find an answer to my problem, so I figured I'd try asking.


I can't log into my DSM web interface from my main computer anymore for some reason.


AFAIK, everything was working fine, and then I initiated a large file transfer + updated java (because a popup in DSM asked me to)....and then after that, I haven't been able to access my DSM interface from my main computer (which happens to be a laptop). I had 5.1-5022 update 5 on it, and then just updated to 5055..but the problem persists.


I can map my drives, and access the DSM interface from any other computer (and even outside my network), but for some reason it won't connect form my main computer. When I type in the IP address, it just goes to forever-pending land before timing out.


I had HTTPS set up, as well as HTTP access.... I've disabled HTTPS and still can't access. With HTTPS enabled, if I delete my security certificate, then I get the Warning of untrusted site...but once I accept/add the cert, I go to forever-pending land again. This happens in both Firefox and Chrome. I've cleared all cache and history on the browsers....what should I try next?


Ive also tried changing workgroups, disabling my firewall and AV, deleting and reinstalling XPE vm...it's the strangest thing.


Im running XPE on ESXi 6.0 with TS440 components. Crucial BX100 500gb SSD for datastore, 24gb of RAM, 4x4TB Hitachi 7200RPM/64MB buffer Nas Drives


any input would be appreciated. thanks! Please let me know if you need additional info.

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To clarify, I was on 5.1-5022 update 5 when this happened. i deleted the VM after trying the fixes above, and then installed a new VM with new bootimage, 5.1-5055.1 and i still wasn't able to access DSM from my laptop. I was able to access the folders though. And I was able to access DSM from other devices, including remotely through port forwarding setup.

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