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VMware Workstation - Which Image?


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I am correct in assuming that I should try DS3615xs image if I want to install on a VMware Workstation 15.5 host? It does boot - but networking does not seem to work. My DHCP server is not assigning an IP to the MAC address of the virtual NIC.




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Diverging from the tutorials generally results in a lack of network connection. The screen you are displaying is normal - there is nothing else ever displayed there.


If you want help troubleshooting please post specific loader, platform type, and DSM version and some details on your VM configuration, and you'll get some advice.

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3 hours ago, Parisi said:

Hmmm. Any pointers on understanding why I am not getting a network connection?

console output is redirected to the serial com port if you add a com port to your vm and access is with something like putty you could see more like drivers loading and the ip address it uses for the nic(s)

i dont have a link ready but there was a thread or tutorial on how to do it with vmware/esxi, so maybe try the forum search or search the internet

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