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Two issues with on Esxi 6.7, power on and VM disk


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I have some minor issues i hope to get some help on being fixed.

I'm running ESXI 6.7 with DSM 6.2.3-25426 U2 (bootloader 1.04b, DS918+), with a sata controller passed through to DSM to handle the disks.

There are 5disks running in a SHR volume, and another disk for a second volume with no raid etc.

1. DSM always needs to be recovered, when being powered on. If it's rebooted, it boots into DSM directly as its supposed to.
The recovery is always fine, but rather annoying it needs to be recovered if i powered off the VM host or did some minor changes.

I noticed that when rebooting, the bootloader acknowledges my 10sec timeout during boot - but it's more like 1 second when being powered on from off state.


2. DSM Storage manager sees the synoboot.vmdk 5mb file as drive 1.

One solution i read is to change the controller location, to lets say disk 20. But that results the DSM to go into recovery state upon boot, and keeps failing when trying to do so.


Does anyone know a "fix" for these issues on this booatloader and setup?

Thanks in advance.



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