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new user gotohell * please move to introduction sorry *


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Hi guys

1st don't be offended by my username - it has to do with a forum mail-issue to my provider.


I am around 40, usually managing (software) projects and live in switzerland. Due to time (job) I usually cannot make hands on anymore - but of course I enjoy it lots, I assume like many in here. 


Lost my job due to corona - but more time for "private" projects. I am a QNAP owner (653B). I know there are 1st approaches to have sth. like this for QNAP (I like the HDMI display apps @qnap) but my girlfriend is a Synology lover (and I have no issues with Synology as well.  What I did on the weekend was setting up my virtual NAS environment. Just VMware with 3717xs image from this description - https://indibit.de/xpenology-als-betriebssystem-fuer-den-heim-server-dsm-6-1-7/  links to here as well, I did it on 6.2 DSM with 1.03b).  Worked actually fine, the other day I tried a virtual run with trueNAS software as well. 


I aim now to built up my own NAS (Fractal Design 804, Aorus Mainboard, some CPU). For the components I am not sure yet, this is why I have to dig a bit deeper in here and of course I am happy to read you comments (separate thread). The trade-offs aren't all clear to me. Updating, Synology ID - but I'll get there.


In case some admin reads that and want's to rename my user to "DuraFace" it's fine with me. Otherwise I just live with it.


You don't have to goto hell - but i assume it's warmer there then here right now.


Cheers micha


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