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Big problem. Please help!!



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2 hours ago, Scopy said:

I have DS3615xs with DSM 6.0.2-8451 installed but my friend click to upload to DSM 6.0.3-8754 through Synology Update page and now it doens't start.


your data (extra raid partitions) are not effected when updating the dsm system so as long a you don't do any crazy things your data are ok


usually loaders work within a main line so 6.0.2 to 6.0.3 should work, its pretty long time ago since i used that but i'm not aware that should be a problem

you usb boot media can be broken. when did you reboot last and used it at least reading it again?

can you read it like with Win32DiskImager on a pc?

maybe you updated to newer version by accident like 6.1/6.2, that would also explain the system not booting, the kernel does not match loader and it will fail to start the kernel (1st step to find it in network)

you can check the kernel files on the loader (zImage and rd.gz) in file date and size to see it it matches 6.0.3 (you can open the *.pat file with 7zip to see the original files and check them against whats on your loader)


maybe give us the size, date and check sums of these two kernel files on the loader and we might check that

(the kernel files are copied to the loader in the update process before rebooting)


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When I click on connect, appears this screen



In spanish it said "Recover", but if I click on it, it reboot and nothing happens. It shows same screen. I have been reading but I couldn't find anything at the moment.



2020-11-07 14_37_10-Synology Web Assistant.png

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from the 1st picure the kernel on the loader is still the old one, in that state you can try to reinstall the old *.pat file and see if it comes up again (with the old version)


after seeing this i think i remember that before jun's loades there might have been a special way of updating, including manual steps

maybe search the forum for something i that direction

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