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Can DSM be told to try re-mounting a "crashed" volume (single VMDK volume)?


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I have 1.04b loader running DSM 6.2.3 on ESXi v7. One of my main data volumes in DSM is a single virtual disk, living on a vSAN datastore. ESXi was updated to v7 U1a and vSAN needed to update the on-disk format of all VMDKs/VMs on the datastore I guess. It is still working on this process of updating the format of vSAN disks but I guess the process of it doing this, causes DSM to think the volume has crashed.


The VMDK is still mounted to DSM, I can still read data from the volume, but Storage Manager reports a crash, and I can't do anything other than hit remove and delete the storage volume. I am guessing there isn't really a problem with the VMDK/volume, I can even still read data yet the volume is only a single VMDK in DSM so it's not like it can still read because of a RAID volume or something.


My question is, since DSM considers it crashed, yet it most likely is fine, is there a way to get DSM to just forget that crashed state and try re-mounting the disk and using it as normal? I did try simply rebooting DSM but that didn't make a difference.

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