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HP N54L G7 8GB with Xpenology - Good choice in Nov 2020?


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If I had a G7 lying around and wanted somewhere for plain storage or very light duties, I might use it rather than throwing it away.

Mine sits in the corner and powers up to receive backups from my main device  before shutting down again.



At this point, I wouldn't pay much money for one and you certainly don't need 8GB.

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Thanks for you replys.

I plan to use it for storage/backup from computers and mobiles.

And the to sync with offsite cloud backup.


Maybe also use for some light hosting and streaming (but no encoding).


I don't have a G7 lying around, but you can find them for a good price.


I enjoy the extra work/configuration that it may be to get it up and running, men when it is up and running a want to have a stable NAS.



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If you find it for a good price,

and you know this is older HW, maybe with limited expected lifespan, I say go for it.

As long as it fits your needs, and you know the few tricks there is to set it up, it will give you much joy :-)


Little sidetrack:

I have 3*N54L, 1*N40L and 1*N36L among my XPE boxes,

The 54's in current usage, as backup targets.

The 40 is a "cold backup"/test unit currently not in use

The 36 I "found" some weeks ago, and is just doing some testing and playing around with,

found out today that it will currently only link up as 100Mb, no way it will give me 1Gb, so I have to do some more testing when I have time.

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