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Do I need to buy a license from Synology for Surveillance Station?


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I'm thinking of setting up a surveillance camera for use with our XPenology box (bare metal Dell Optiplex 3010).  I notice on eBay that "Surveillance Station licenses" are available - would I need to buy one and if so will it be happy being used on an XPenology install?   I notice plenty of posts here from users of Surveillance Station so I'm assuming so.


And to get maximum value from my post....  Can anyone recommend an outdoor rechargeable wifi camera for the job?  The current favourits is the Reolink Solar but I have no idea about these things.




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Thanks for taking the time to reply.  In those posts, where Surveillance Station is mentioned, people always seem to say "extra licenses" in their questions, possibly implying that Surveillance Station operates in a limited capacity (single camera?) but one needs to pay Synology to go further with it?


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@steveharman As posted here, a Synology NAS comes with 2 licenses for Surveilance Station as default.

If you need more than 2, your "sh*t out of luck" as you wont be able to activate any extra licenses you buy.

Supposedly there are ways to get around it, but those ways are easily blocked when updating the app, and is not supported by this community.


But if you have 1 or 2 supported cameras, just go for it and see how it works for you :-)

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afair there it the option to have a older version with 4 cam's



and i read something new lately about having real synology boxes (even older) and being able to share/borrow the license to another system

like having a cheap small original system, buy the cam licenses for this and then lend it to the beefier xpenology system

its german but it might be useful to read it with google translate or other services



its about using synology's ""Central Managment System" package to make this work

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  • 2 years later...

Run this script as root
touch /var/packages/SurveillanceStation/target/off.conf
chown SurveillanceStation:SurveillanceStation /var/packages/SurveillanceStation/target/off.conf

Disable internet for Synology / Xpenology

Install a license C6Y33DM7PMGRRXT843QK

Turn internet back on



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