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Unable to boot all of the sudden [Video attached]


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I rebooted my box this afternoon after Installing a Mellanox 10GbE card and all hell broke lose. The machine failed to boot into the OS properly and even after removing the 10GbE NIC the same behaviour was happening. I've tried the following:


1. removing the NIC

2. booting off a clean XPEnoboot iso

3. swapping network cables around.


The issues that I'm seeing now that I don't recall before are:


:: Loading module adt7475                                                   [  OK  ]
Can not detect ADT device, Retry: 1...
:: Unloading module adt7475                                                 [  OK  ]
:: Unloading module i2c-i801                                                [  OK  ]
:: Loading module i2c-i801                                                  [  OK  ]
:: Loading module adt7475     


:: Checking upgrade file
Exit on error [2] .noroot exists...


There are a few more errors and here is a link to the video that shows the whole process.


Normal Boot



Debug Boot



In synology assistance it shows "migratable" but I don't want to do anything at this point to jeopardize my data.


I'm also attaching a debug video in which there seems to be some superblock issues but according to this that's normal?







I can manage to do a migration install and get the system back up and running but when it boots all of my volumes are crashed. I do a "repair" and let it sync up swap and root and then edit /etc/synoinfo.cfg to accommodate my other drives, 20 total, and upon reboot it starts up and then reboots on it's own. Once the system comes up after the second boot it's back to square one and the errors above persist.

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