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Hey guys!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I found you in Google after looking for surveillance station and found Synology... I was about to buy from Amazon (and pay high taxes, up to 105%, I'm not rom USA) and then.............. TATANAMMMM I found you, hahaaha ! :grin: Awesome.


I have recently installed XPEnology in VMWare and it worked great. I'm really amused with the OS, and how fast, simple and clean it is.



I have bought long time ago a Buffalo LS-VL NAS to download stuff using office internet... But nowadays I simple do not download that much.... So for instance, it has been in the box for about 1 year, without use.


I'd like to install XPEnology in this device, but as I'm not that expert with linux and hardware in general, I'm afraid to brick this device and maybe it can't even boot because of incompatilibity.


So my question is: Is it possible to install this OS in my device? My device HW is based on ARM processor, but I just realized the cheapest Synology HW is based on ARM processor too... so maybe I can install it because it has some common stuff. Am I right?


So.... What do you guys think?

BTW, this is my device HW:

http://www.buffalo-technology.com/en/ur ... trade-pro/

Hardware System

CPU TypeMarvell 88F6282 ARM

CPU Speed1.6GHz



I was wondering: How I'm supposed to install XPEnology boot img, if Buffalo firmware updater do not let you select img file!? LOL.


Sorry for any english mistake :grin:, and maybe for incorrect place for this type of question!? :grin:

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XPEnology is based on one of the higher tier models that uses an Intel x86-64 cpu, so you won't be able to use it on arm.

Really? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh :sad:

I thought I maybe be able to run using pat file from the cheapest one... but I should have considered XPEnology boot image is x64 =/


Btw... If I buy a Intel NUC, Zotac Zbox and so on... Is it possible to run XPEnology in those micro pc devices?

What would be the cheapest HW I could buy to run XPEnology? I will probably only use it to manage some cameras and that's it.


Thanks :smile:

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Drivers could be an issue, I've also thought about using NUC + eSATA box to do this but worried about drivers.

Anyway, except no PATA support, most old hardware are supported by Xpenoboot, just like my Intel D201GLY motherboard (Celeron 220 onboard + SiS chipset), though it shows only 2TB in BIOS, in Xpenoboot there is no issue using 4TB HDD which is good.

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You may want to consider HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8, is small an well tested by community. Bit expensive than nuc, but you have 4 HDD bays and many processor options, celeron is enough for Xpenology.


In buffalo I found old Terastation with atom is perfectly compatible with Xpenology.


Hope it helps


Jose M.

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