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ASRock Intel Avoton C2750D4I


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I know we're in a state of flux right now with the 5.2 release, and that's fine. But in the mean time I'd like to get my new system up and running on 5.1, but I'm pulling my hair out while trying.


First of all, is anyone running an ASRock Intel Avoton C2750 (the one with 12 sata ports on it). If so how do you have it configured? (which boot loader and DSM are you on, how did you set up the network binding for the IPMI? .... basically how did you get up and running?)


Right now if I go with any of the Xpeno bootloaders and the base 5.1-5022 DSM package I get the same results. It will boot to the usb drive and show up in synology assistant. Then I install DSM and it reboots and it never gets an IP (if I chose DHCP) or shows up with the static ip (if I chose static). I watch the console go down clean and come back up clean but I can never access it via web or synology asistant afterwards. The only way I can get a chance to retry a setup is if I boot to gparted, blow away all partitions, and boot to the bootloader again.


I'm thinking it has something to do with the IPMI sharing communications on the main nic, when I get home tonight I'm going to try forcing the IPMI to stay on the dedicated port to see what comes of that.


Has anyone dealt with this?


stelle007 if you see this, I see you have the same mobo. I just created my account so I can't send you a PM, but I think this would be a good open discussion to have.

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Checking in as a user of the same motherboard. It sounds like you are further along than I am, as I'm just looking at XPEnology at the moment as a possible replacement for FreeNAS (which I have been having a lot of difficulty with SMART reporting errors on perfectly functioning drives). If I run into the same booting problems with XPEnology, I will let you know.


Only thing I can add at this point is you might try also disabling the "netwait" management feature in the BIOS


System is FreeNAS

ASRock Intel Avoton C2750D4I

16GB Kingston ECC

4TB WD Red (x8) RaidZ2

USB Thumbdrive for OS

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Just some feedback on a Asrock C2750D4I build.


1. Using Silverstone DS380B .

a. This is incompatible with SST-45SF-G !! This is due to the protection circuit on the DS380 and the low Amp on the 5V line on the SST-45SF-G , it's only 14A and you need something closer to 20A or higher.

b. Silverstone DS380B cooling is horrible. I put in a piece of cardboard to direct the airflow to the HDD, and then brings it down a degree or two but it's really not designed to be used with 8 HDD. I use a mix of Hitachi 6TB disk and WD 4TB red. Temp for Hitachi is approx 45 to 50 during no load to light loan. and WD Red is approx 35 to 42.


2. Remember the config of your bios. I had problem with the system when I replace my motherboard battery. Power on through IPMI/KVM doesn't work if battery is low or dead.


3. Reminder to Self - Disable the Marvel 9172 controller. There was suggestions to change the Sata controller from AHCI to IDE to fix some problem with the hanging. I found the better solution was to disable the Marbel 9172 controller. Just take note of the solution you choose as switching between them could results in data corruption.


Anyway, this is just a note to self in case I encounter problem again and need a references.

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