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HP 54L can't find NAS


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Hey All,


I have tried all loaders, all the different extra.lzma and I still cant find the NAS box.


I have changed all the settings over multiple USB.


I dont know what I'm doing wrong. 


I use to have the mac addy as a static IP in by dhcp pool, but I have deleted that. 


Any cluses would be great.


Ohhh forgot to mention I have stuck a 14TB in the unit. I had it working fine with  4 x 2TB. 




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OK. I am assuming that you have taken the 4x2TB disks out of the box and are trying to build a new system on the 14TB disk.

You require DSM 6.2.3 with jun's loader 1.03b for DS3615xs.

It will work on a stock N54L without the need for any extra.lzma files.

You must ensure that C1 / C1E is disabled in BIOS.


You will need to create the USB loader with the MAC address of the N54L's network card and the vid and pid of the USB stick you are using. And you will need to set a serial number. The values that you used for the original system's USB will work.

.. and that's about it.


So my first question is .. if you create the correct loader and boot the box, can you find it on the network using either find.synology.com or synology assistant?


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Hey Billat29


Yeah that is what I read about the 1.03b loader but can't get it to work. 


I however not heard about disabling c1/c1e in bios. 


Let me try that. 


I have all the correct vid and pod. The serial I don't have from the old system but I have generated a new one 


Thanks for the reply. 



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2 hours ago, JakeTheMuSS said:

I however not heard about disabling c1/c1e in bios. 


it's in bold red letters in the tutorial link above


On 9/12/2017 at 12:59 PM, Polanskiman said:

- Jun's official v1.02b loader (mirror). This is a hybrid UEFI/BIOS loader so it should work in most machines which are capable or reading GUID partition table (GPT). For older machines that can only read MBR the above loader will simply not boot. If that is your case then use @Genesys's v1.02b loader rebuilt image which is MBR based. Note: Jun's loader supports Intel CPUs. For AMD CPUs Jun has stated that the loader needs some work but it has been reported by many users using HP machines that it actually works. The C1E function in the bios (in some HP machines) needs to be deactivated. I am unsure for other motherboards brands therefore if you have an AMD machine that is not an HP you might be out of luck. Try looking in the bios configuration and play around. 



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.. what he said.

And -- pull all the drives from the box and boot it with just the USB.

You should be able to find it via synology assistant or find.synology.com. You will only get the basic installation page and you won't be able to do anything with the box as it has no drives, but that gives us a clue.

If not check the devices page in your router. It should have a device listed with the mac address of the HP nic.

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If you do, then the flashing network light implies that you have a physical connection but that the network service did not start properly. I would go back and re-recheck that the mac address was correctly specified in the cfg file in the loader and I may have misled you earlier. If you are using a new USB stick, the vid and pid values will have changed.

If you don't get those messages, then you have done something wrong in the process of creating the loader or you have a  problem with the box itself.

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