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Help- downgrade - OK with losing data


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Ok, so I update to 5.2 and no matter what I do I can't get rid of 5.2. I'm ok if I have to lose the data on my drives. On the Web GUI, under the Install button, is says, "We've detected that the hard drives of your current DS3615xs had been moved from a previous DS3615xs, and installing a newer DSM is required before continuing." then a Device Info link, which opens a small window with some info.. including:

Status: Update Required

Firmware: 5.1.5022

DSM: 5.2.5565


I've tried to unplug some of my drives, change the order of how they were plugged in, but nothing seems to work. I boot from a ssd drive and have pulled that and put a fresh copy of the img on it, but again nothing seems to work.


Anyone got any ideals?




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downgrade stap:

1、login by console use root



1、"cd /etc.defaults" press key "ENTER"

2、"vi VERSION" press key "ENTER"


3、press key "i" then change minorversion="1" and buildunumber="5021" <--not "5022"

then input ":w" press key "ENTER" an input ":q" press key "ENTER"

4、reboot the synology

5、select install/upgrade


6、open Synology Assistant to install the DSM-5.1-5022

7、after this stap,you now can view web gui

8、now you can find the smb is broken

9、to repair the smb is easy ,just open the web gui and open the console


1、uncheck the windows file service then press apply

2、check the windows file service and press apply again,to restart windows file service

after this you synology is downgrade to 5022.


I just come from China,so my English is not will,thanks.

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@shcsbaker :


The root password is the same as the admin password you have set up during DSM installation.

Careful, under VMware console, the default keyboard layout is 'qwerty'. Try typing your password under login prompt first in order to avoid any typo issue related to keyboard.

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Copy the password to your clipboard.

Then when loggin in, at the password prompt press [shift]+[insert] key, this will paste your password from the clipboard.

May I know where can I type the password if it's not VM system?

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