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It is passively supported via snapshots and the Copy on Write feature.  The few times I have seen Synology comment on the matter, other deduplication services are not supported.


There are open source utilities that can look for file-level duplicates and submit them in batch to btrfs for deduplication.  I have used rmlint successfully, installed via syno-cli synocommunity package. I'm not aware of block-level deduplication that works on Synology btrfs.


Note that some of the dedupe utilities have specific btrfs version and kernel version requirements that DSM does not meet. Tread carefully!

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I have played around with deduplication and btrfs in the past. Even with good results.
But as dedup & encryption is not compatible and also one never does run a defragmentation or the deduplication will be destroyed I deleted my tests.

Deduplication is a very interesting feature for me but only if it's supported neat.

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