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How to Install on HP DL380 G7


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the p410 no good, as it has no hba functionality

i shortly got one of these for free lately so i can check the driver (hpsa.ko) to work (more meant for people with p420 or newer)

i's say throw that out and get a cheap lsi sas with it mode like 9211-8i (or one of its oem versions)

there are also ok'ish ahci controller by now like jmb585 (5 port)  or asm1166 (6 port) based controller, pcie 3.0 with 2 lanes - ok for hdd's on all ports, or 3 sata ssd's


5 hours ago, Chain said:

1.03b DS3617xs  Jun's Loader DSM 6.2 December 30, 2019


not sure where 12/2019 comes from, jun's 1.03b loader is from 8/2018

i'd suggest trying the loader with the extra drivers from here


and install dsm 6.2.3

also you can try to use the program synology assistant to find it in network (or check your dhcp server for new devices)




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