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How to Install on HP DL380 G7



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the p410 no good, as it has no hba functionality

i shortly got one of these for free lately so i can check the driver (hpsa.ko) to work (more meant for people with p420 or newer)

i's say throw that out and get a cheap lsi sas with it mode like 9211-8i (or one of its oem versions)

there are also ok'ish ahci controller by now like jmb585 (5 port)  or asm1166 (6 port) based controller, pcie 3.0 with 2 lanes - ok for hdd's on all ports, or 3 sata ssd's


5 hours ago, Chain said:

1.03b DS3617xs  Jun's Loader DSM 6.2 December 30, 2019


not sure where 12/2019 comes from, jun's 1.03b loader is from 8/2018

i'd suggest trying the loader with the extra drivers from here


and install dsm 6.2.3

also you can try to use the program synology assistant to find it in network (or check your dhcp server for new devices)




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On 10/22/2020 at 4:57 PM, IG-88 said:

the p410 no good, as it has no hba functionality

i shortly got one of these for free lately so i can check the driver (hpsa.ko) to work (more meant for people with p420 or newer)

i tested the p410 with 3615 extra drivers (driver from kernel 3.10.105) and it worked when hdd's where part of a raid set

either a raid5 or every single disks as raid0, as the p410 does not support hba mode i could not test it, someone with a p420 or newer would need to do it but the driver from the kernel is working so it should (might?) be working in hba mode (thats the mode to be used with dsm)

raid5 set of 3 disks, and dsm got one hp logical disk in the size of the raid5 set, the controllers own functionality about drives was still working, when disconnecting one drive the orange led on the contoller showed that there was a problem and when reconnecting the drive it started rebuilding the driver

there was nothing to see in dsm as there are no hp sas tools, as long as its used with hpe backplane where you get signals about the state of a drive it might be ok'isch to use it in that mode

the other scenario with every disk as raid0 worked too, you get a hp logical volume (drive) for every disk but there is no way identify a disk from dsm to its hardware (serial number), even i /var/log/dmesg was nothing to identify a disk, one would need to document position in the case and in dsm to keep track of things if a disk is failing, at least in this mode you would be using dsm raid/shr modes and if a drives fails (missing) dsm would recognize it and send a message and there is a "bonus", when removing the drives from the hpe controller and using a hba in it mode or sata the drives where recognised as normal disks as if they always where on a hba in it mode, so if the controller fails there should be no problems transferring drives to another hardware (thats not going to work when using the hardware raid mode of the controller), even after booting dsm on sata and after that on a lsi sas hba it was possible to reconnect the drives to the hpe sa p410 and start the system (they where still raid0 drives for the controller), its closer to hba mode then i expected but without proper monitoring and info's on problems its not a good solution


as my test hardware was not working with 918+ i could not test it but i guess the hpsa.ko driver of kernel 4.4.59 will at least be as good as the older 3.10.105

(hpe sa controllers seem to have problems with the system bios outside hpe servers, id had to find a test computer where i could disable storage bios or the controller would always initiate a boot loop after initializing its own bios)

if i find time i might test to build a driver from newer external source, i would at least now be able to test if the driver is working in general before releasing it




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