New Terramaster F2-221 Locked Bios

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1 minute ago, dranivil said:

I haven't installed the bios mod yet.  But all I had to do is change the boot mode to legacy (but it should work on uefy + legacy).  Then I suppose that you have to change the options in CSM Options so that the usb starts automatically.  But I don't know yet, I have to do the tests yet.  I have to say that in the multiple tests I did, it has sometimes started me with the 1.04 bootloader, but the system was unstable.

You should definitely go for the BIOS mod - I held my breath as it was doing it as I imagined that I could end up with 

a bricked system. But it worked first time. 


The thing that I dont want (we all dont), is an intermittent unreliable system. I am prepared to accept a lower working 

system. Though it would be nice to get 6.2 running so as to access some additional feature. 


Thanks again and keep us in the loop as to how things work out.

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