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Getting XPEnology to boot on macbook pro


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Hi There,


I am trying to install the XPEnology on an old macbook pro 2011 that i have lying around.

I know its useless for RAID but i was more interested in the plugins for Plex and other media players.


Ive messed around with Running media centers on OSX and its slow and unreliable. I have UNRAID running on an older MAcbook late 2009 but it wont boot on the Macbook pro due to a slighly different EFI config.


Ive spent hours trying to get it working to no avail. Just wanted to check if anyone would know what id have to do to get it to boot?

I always get the "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key"


The only success ive had is either windows install or Ubuntu using Mac Linux usb loader.


Thanks in advance.



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I'm using my macbook for that 2, easiest way is to install the free ESXI hypervisor... and run it on top of that. one caveat there, you have to disconnect the screen, as the macbook pro display controls can not be used to dim the screen and you don't want your screen on 24/7.

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