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This might be Synology issue but I tried the Facebook page for help they were not helpful, so I figured I would try here. I have finally setup my xpenology 918+ and it appears to run fine. So installed active directory and dns everything seems to go fine but when I try to connect a windows 10 2004 version I get an error trying to contact the dns and fqnl name it says no domain controller exists. Any help or things to try.

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16 hours ago, jensmander said:

Did you set your Xpenology as the only DNS server in Windows‘ TCP/IP settings? Correct DNS settings are crucial in (Active) Directory/LDAP environments. Another thing is DSM‘s firewall. If it’s activated be sure that there is an allow rule for the directory server and dns.

Hi yes I pointed the laptop to the Nas IP address and I added the dns port to the firewalls I even tried turning off the firewalls but nothing seemed to work I am tempted to go back to an older windows 10 version as in know 1806 messed up alot of the samba stuff


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